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About Tattle

WhatsApp is one of the most widely-used social media platforms in India. Information including misinformation spreads quickly on the platform. The effects can be far ranging — from changes in people’s health choices to greater social tension in communities and in extreme cases violence against individuals. Tattle aims to support and scale existing fact-checking efforts by creating channels for sourcing content from WhatsApp and other Chat App users; using machine learning to categorize and classify multilingual, multimedia content circulated on chat apps; and distributing fact checked information so that it is accessible to mobile-first audience. In the process Tattle aims to enable more transparent research on misinformation in closed networks. 

Tattle recently won the AI and News Open Challenge. Our team is small and cross functional; and values every team member’s input in achieving the shared vision of the project. We also believe in working smarter when it comes to identifying needs and solutions and value innovation and creativity in day to day work.

About The Role

The data scientist would be responsible for leading the development of open source machine learning tools for multi-lingual audio visual content found on chat apps in India. The current stream of work involves approximate match, semantic search with images and videos. More details about Tattle’s data science work can be found on the Tattle blog and GitHub.
While the main responsibility will be to build production ready tools, there will be ample freedom and support for independent research projects.

The data scientist would also be responsible for working with our open source contributors and academic partners to source ideas, prioritize and guide overall project direction. While the data scientist will have some external support, they should be able to hit the ground running.

Some skills we regard as being important for this role:

  • Knowledge of deep learning techniques for NLP and computer vision such as word2vec, CNN architectures.

  • Experience with at least one deep learning library (PyTorch, Tensorflow).

  • Comfort manipulating and analyzing large data sets from varying sources.

  • Experience with social media or news related data sets is a plus.

Full Time
Commensurate with experience

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Tattle Civic Technologies is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity of experiences and perspectives and encourage candidates of all background to apply.