What is TATTLE?

Tattle is a civic tech project emanating from India that aims to make verified information more accessible to mobile first users, in languages that they are comfortable with. Started with the intent of addressing misinformation on WhatsApp, the project has expanded in scope to address misinformation on chat apps and encrypted networks in general.


We hope that in the long term, Tattle will:

  1. Help reduce the lifecycle of misinformation on WhatsApp and other chat apps.

  2. Enable open and transparent research on misinformation on social media, especially in private and encrypted networks.

How Will Tattle Measure It’s Success?

  • We’re building a repository of open source tools to assist fact checking/research. The performance of tools will be assessed on improvements over baseline (if exists).

  • By adoption of its tools by citizens and fact checking groups.

  • By creation of new knowledge around misinformation/disinformation on social media in India.

WhAT Are Tattle’s Values?

  • Openness

  • Accesibility

  • Sustainability

  • Humility

  • Curiosity

You can read more about our approach to these values here.

How is tAttle’s work Licensed?

  • The code is released under GPL.

  • The date is released under ODbL.

What is tAttle’s organizational Structure ?

Tattle is registered as a private limited company in India. We are registered as a private limited company primarily to minimize compliance overheads. We are financially supported by a grant from the AI Ethics Initiative.

Denny and Tarunima are the long term care takers of this project. So far the project is supported by volunteers, open source contributors and short term staffers. The team is always looking to engage more people in the project.

How Can I contribute?

In infinite ways! If you’re a concerned citizen, a local fact checker, an artist, a story-teller, a graphic designer, an engineer, a teacher…basically anyone interested in improving the health of online conversations, we’d love to collaborate. Head to the contact page and drop us a line.